Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture


Accompanied by SOL E&C, SOL Asia vision is to assert our position as one of the most prestigious general constructors in the Asia in general and South-East Asia in particular.


To initiate a generation of professional and talented staff who are nurtured in a terrific and creative working environment in order to create optimal and sustainable value for our Clients and Partners.

To contribute to the development of the construction industry and society with innovations in construction technology, environmental protection and by ensuring maximum safety for our Clients, Partners and workers on all the projects carried out by SOL Asia in the past, at present or in the future.

Core Values

SOL Asia gains our clients’ confidence with solid expertise, standard manners, appropriate communication and integrity.

Professional passion brings enthusiasm and dedication to the SOL Asia team. The spirit of solidarity creates the power to conquer challenges and create success.

In SOL Asia, we use a multi-dimensional approach, a multi-dimensional problem-solving method and constant improvements to provide the optimal solutions and the best results.

The success of our clients and partners is our success. Your respect, trust and long-term companionship are the great achievements that SOL Asia achieves after each project.